Why should my dryer vent be cleaned?
Your dryer vent needs to be cleaned to ensure proper airflow. This will result in:
  1. a reduced risk of fire hazard (see safety)
  2. savings on your utility bill
  3. reduced wear and tear of your clothes dryer
  4. possibly reduced home insurance premium
Isn’t cleaning out my lint screen enough?
No. The lint screen is only the internal lint trap of the clothes dryer. The main concern is the flexible hose attached to the back of your clothes dryer which usually vents outside your home. This is where most of the lint builds up over time and reduces airflow.
How often should my vent be cleaned?
Some dryer vents require a cleaning ones a year. Most dryer vents should be cleaned at least once every other year. Some vents require more than the average dryer. Below are some factors that affect how often your vent should be serviced:
  • number of loads the dryer is used for
  • type of items the dryer is mainly used for
  • age of dryer
  • length of dryer vent
  • amount of turns in venting
Why should I hire a professional? Can’t I do it myself?
Hiring a professional is highly recommended. Unlike other home improvement jobs, the difference here between do-it-yourself and hiring a professional could be as drastic as life and death. Professionals have state of the art equipment that enables them to get the hard to reach places that may be less visible to a homeowner without the proper tools.
How long does the cleaning take?
Standard cleanings require one hour. Unexpected complications may need additional time.